Thursday Morning with Patrick and Rosie

Ahhh, Thursday morning!

You were a good one.

So Rosie was justttttttt about to hit 24 hours on antibiotics, but since it fell right in the middle of the school day we kept her home.  BUT!  Since she missed dance class on Wednesday night there was a makeup one around lunch time that we were gonna hit up -- so it all worked out perfectly!

As the big kiddos were getting ready in the morning Patrick kept picking up Scooter and asking for his picture with him.  Now, I have NO CLUE how long the picture requests are gonna last, but dang nabit as long as these kids of mine are asking for their picture to be taken, I am going to drop everything and take it!

I mean, how freaking cute are they together?!?!?  Seriously, I die.  Scooter, don't ever leave us!!

And then Rosie, who has a serious case of FOMO, couldn't be left out of some snaps so...I present ballerina Rosie.

And then Ro and Patrick got some sibling snappies before we took him to school and her to dance...cause that morning golden hour light was just perfect.

Now this one was probably my most favorite pic of the morning...something about it!  Can't you just hear their little giggles?!?! GAHHHH! I die!

Welp, that's all I've got for this Thursday morning with Patrick and Ro blogity blog for you!  Hope you have a great one and a wonderful weekend friends!!

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