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Ohhhh, what have we been up to? A whole lot and a whole lotta nothing all at the same time!

Like I say in almost every post I make, I've been soooooo busy with picture-taking!  I mean I cannot believe how crazy busy this fall has been -- I am completely booked up until Thanksgiving and then I have several births, newborns, and fresh 48s scattered in there too that obviously we haven't 'booked' yet since baby hasn't arrived!  But crazy chaos and it is good.  So good.  I do love my schedule this year and working online only has been a Godsend.  It truly is awesome being able to pretty much make my own schedule and not have to worry about being at school all day long.

Anyways!  A little photo dump post about what all has been a'happenin' around these parts!

First off, Mike has been working tirelessly to get our backyard all cleaned up from the tree that fell late in the summer and I can successfully say that as of today everything is cleaned up and allllllll of the excess wood has been picked up! WOOT!

Patrick modeled with the wood for me before it all departed in less than 24 hours when I posted it on Facebook.  Gosh I love social media.

I don't know why but this picture  Annie has discovered her love for oral hygiene (much like her big sister did at this age) and it is just the cutest thing EVER.

Speaking of Annie and her loves, another thing she really likes is the art cart...and markers...especially uncapping them and coloring, which usually is on her face and hands rather than the paper.

At least she's cute, right?!?!

Littlest girlfriend also loooooves Scooter.  Like SO MUCH.  If she sees him perched on the couch she toodles over to him and gives him so many hugs and kisses.  It is just the sweetest thing ever.

The weather this week has been kinda finicky -- like hot and humid one day then cool and chilly the next!  Definitely STL for ya and not being able to make up its mind.

We've walked to school a few times this week and fortunately the mosquitos seem to be gone and it's been cool on our walks -- which the kiddos don't seem to mind much at all!

Rosie was at school this day (maybe?! or NeeNee's??! I can't remember!) or else she'd have joined us!

Ahhhh, Rosie.  Girlfriend looks SO GROWN UP lately I can barely stand it.  From dance to her favorite unicorn shirt or mingo dress, she looks a lot older than the 3 years old she is!!

Gosh I could swoon over her for ages and ages.  She is such a little lady!  And I love to see her little personality she's been developing more and more!

Ever since NeeNee got their new trampoline the kids have been wanting to go over there to bounce as much as possible!  And I think it's the best thing ever cause it is such a flashback to my childhood and our trampoline days!  Heck, if my memory serves me correctly we even had a purple trampoline pad too!! AHHHH, good times indeed.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this bump cuddle pic of Rosie -- she sure loves to give me big 'ol belly snuggles as much as she can and it is just my favorite.

Happy Thursday friends!  Hope you have a good one!!

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