Saturday and Sunday

I don't even want to total up how much Mike is working this  So we haven't seen much of him and it's just been me and the kiddos...and lots and lots of rainy weather.  I have never been anymore excited to have our basement reno done SOON so we can get our basement playroom back in order!  We have been without it for 6+ months and I truly don't even think Annie remembers that we have a basement!  So with it starting to get cooler soon and we can't play outside as much we are definitely going to want our playspace back!  I'll have to share some before and after pics too when it's all done.

Anywaysssss, after this crazy shoot Friday night -- which we literally rescheduled FOUR other times due to rain, we powered through with the wet weather and got it done!  Saturday was a washout so before lunch and naps we killed a lot of time running errands and hitting up the store...which was even a challenge to get them in the car cause they just wanted to play outside and splash (read: Annie!) in the puddles!

Oh this little girl cracks me up!  One jump in the puddle and she was SOAKED! HAHA!

Off to the store we went with a lovely gas station selfie which clearly shows how much I desperately need to clean my van out! EEKKKK!!

The kids had a blast at the grocery store -- Patrick loved having his own cart to push and the girls loved being in the 'car' to drive.  Not gonna lie we walked around aimlessly for a few minutes just to let them cruise and play more! 

After nap I dropped the kiddos off at my parents to run to a funeral with Mike (who was working 16 hours straight! YIKES!) and then headed back to my parents house for dinner.  Patrick is OBSESSED with taking videos lately so here are a few gems he captured...

He is so darn funny -- and I love seeing what he captures (both pictures and videos!) through his eyes. 

My parents painted their pantry so it was empty and became an instant hit with the kiddos -- Annie played in and out of it (and managed to not pinch her fingers either!! WIN WIN!!) all night and it was the cutest thing ever. 

Hours of thrills apparently.  I told my mom they didn't want her to put any of the stuff back so they'd have a hiding spot! HAHA!

Saturday night once we got home Patrick was superrrrrr concerned and questioned my ability to watch all of them 'by myself' since daddy wasn't home and he usually does bedtime.  I about died when he said that -- and then offered to help me -- gosh what a sweet little innocent boy I have!

They were all sitting so cute together on the couch watching their show before bed I just HADDDD to snap a few pics before doing books and stories and bedtime.  And gosh they love their dog Scoots SO MUCH!

Patrick recorded this Sunday morning and it had me CRACKING UP!  Oh Annie girl!  Stop growing up so fast!

Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast and played for a bit before they were going to grandma and grandpa's for the day so I could snap a rainout makeup photoshoot, go shopping for a wedding gift, then Mike and I go to a Sunday afternoon wedding before picking the kiddos up to do baths and bed -- and Mike having to head back into work early.

Obviously I had my camera out Sunday morning and had to snap a few pics of the kiddos playing -- and Scoots was in the kissing mood and couldn't stop smooching Annie!  Gahhhhh they kill me!

Anyways, that's about the extend of our exciting Saturday and Sunday 'round here.  I've got a super busy week of upcoming shoots (heck, super busy FALL!!) and getting ready for those and the school week and everything!  Have a great one my friends!!

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