Our Favorite Park

It's no secret if you follow my photog blog that my current favorite snappin' spot is Drace Park...welp, it's my new favorite park for playing too with the kiddos!  First off, it's never crowded (woot), the parking lot is super close to the park, the playground and swings are all close to each other, and there is a great trail with fun building stuff for the kids to play with as you walk through it!  Seriously, it's AWESOME.  And the best part is that it truly is never crowded -- which maybe I shouldn't even be blogging this and giving away my favorite snappin' and playin' spot...oops :)

I took a billion pictures (not really, but well over 300...sooooo I'm sharing a few of them here with you!) this morning since it was pretty overcast and I feel like it'd been a while since I snapped my kiddos just doing what they do best: play!

I'm going to start with these...

Shockingly I was able to get these snaps thanks to my camera on a bench propped up by wood chips and my phone as a remote and a 2 second timer!  I cannot believe these were the only two I took and that they BOTH came out! CRAZY.  That NEVER happens.

Our playground adventures lasted about 45 minutes before they all were begging to go down the cool trail and play in the woods.  After a lot of swinging and sliding and wall jumpin' and a bit of bribing to {attempt} to take a pic of all three of them, we decided to venture down the trail!

They loved this area -- and so did I.  Same effect as a sand box but a million times less icky.  I mean the little rocks were dirty but the bathroom was right there and their little paws were easily cleaned off.  Not as easy to do when you have sand everywhereeeeee.  Anyways, they played here for a good long while before Annie (see video!) asked for water so we went to the potties to get cleaned up, get a drink, and go back to the playground for a bit before we headed out.

Patrick conquered the monkey bars (like 10 times!!), everyone swung a bunch more, lots of wall jumping, then it was time to go.  The kids were beat (so was I! haha! It's exhausting documenting them! hehehehe) so we packed up and grabbed Lion's Choice on or way home and gobbled that down as soon as we got in.  Then, naps ensued for everyone all around!  Oh what a fun morning we had at our favorite park!  The only thing that would have been better is if daddy could have joined us.  Maybe next time :)

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