Goal: Networking

Today's goal was simple: networking!

I got to have a table setup at the OBGYN Symposium at MoBap today to showcase alllllll about Birth Stories by Alexandria Mooney Photography.

So I definitely have been excited the past month or so in preparations for this today -- making sure I had allllllll of the appropriate materials purchased to display and what not.

I had candy (#needed), some of my favorite birth prints on canvases, my business name on a letterboard, my birth stories at MoBap brochure, an outfitting your office brochure (heyyyy, freebies for OBs!), my business cards, and my iPad scrolling through hundreds of birth snaps.  I had my fingers crossed that this setup would look good and I'd get lots and lots of networking done!

I did have some down time as the symposium was going on -- which actually was FINE BY ME.  I was able to get caught up on some upcoming shoots and what and truly just kinda enjoy some quiet in between networking with some OBs!

It was a long day but a great one -- I handed out a lot of my materials and hopefully made lots and lots of good connections -- which I am THRILLED about.  I hope to hear from these soon and have a few offices I am going to be dropping off materials to soon as well!!

Anyways, a super awesome day definitely filled with oodles of networking and hopefully lots of future connections!!  Just livin' the dream over here...and reaching every single day farther and farther into the sky to keep making it a reality and future.

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