Rosie's First Dance Class

Well, girlfriend did not disappoint: I think she was made for dance class.  SHE FREAKING LOVED IT.

We had a mini photo shoot before her first dance class because she was so obsessed with her 'ballerina' outfit and I had to take advantage of it justttttt in case her mood changed and she turned out to hate it.  HAHA!

But, these pics should have been an indication that she was going to freaking LOVE IT.  Cause she did SO MUCH!!

Once we got to dance class it was a bit crowded with all of the other classes going on, but that didn't waiver her -- she couldn't wait to get her ballet shoes on as quick as possible and get in there!  She was proud she was the first one in her class and introduced herself to her teacher.

They got to do ballet moves and tap moves!  She was in HEAVEN.  A few of the other little girls weren't having it and were upset and sitting with their mommies on the side -- Rosie wasn't having that, she was allllllll over dancing and moving!

The only downside was they were in a studio room that just had one door so it was kinda hard to watch her the entire time; I got up every once in a while and peeked in on her and snapped a few pics and videos and then went back to sitting outside the studio room (note to self: bring a book next week!).

Anyways, after her hour class she could not wait to go back again next week -- she wanted to stay forever and ever and keep dancing!  I loooooove how much she loves dance class and cannot wait to see her love for this grow and grow!

I'm sure I'll have oodles of little Rosie dancing updates for ya as the year goes on...stay tuned! :)

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