18 weeks.

#1 turned 18 months on Sunday, and I'm 18 weeks today with #2!  18 is a good number this week.  Not much has been happening since last week (riveting, I know), but I definitely have been feeling this kid move a LOT more.  Still, with #2, it is very hard to describe what it feels like other than very active butterflies in your stomach.  I can't wait for this little one to get even bigger so Mike can actually feel him/her kicking on the outside.

I'm sure I've totally overgrammed and overblogged the bump pics. Sorry.  Not really.  Honestly, if for nothing else, I like a reference point for what 17 week or 18 week or 9 week Alex looks like, since I was a complete doofus and didn't take all but 2 bump pics when I was pregnant with Patrick.  So, fair warning, you've got about 21 weeks left of bump pics.  Let me hashtag that for ya: #sorrynotsorry.  And here's one more for ya.

So yeah, same old tune this week--not much a'changin', besides oodles of teeny tiny movements.  The bump is definitely growing, and I feel like it's sitting higher than my bump with Patrick was.  And, while I'm on this comparison topic, so.many.people. are telling me that this kid is for sure a girl, just because how different these pregnancies are and how I'm having "girl" signs (carrying high, lots of morning sickness, craving sweets, etc...).  Yep.  Even the Chinese gender predictor thingy says girl.

Whatever. I still think I'm having a boy...and not because I feel the same (quite the opposite, I've felt completely different this entire time!), but because I have a boy and that's what I know and what I'm convinced I will only have! Haha!  So yeah, time will only tell...maybe as this pregnancy continues I'll change my mind, but right now at 18 weeks I'm thinking blue.

That's about all I've got for week 18! We have our big ultrasound a couple days before week 20 starts, so I am still looking forward to that and seeing this little squish looking like a person instead of a jelly bean.  Until week 19...adios!

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