Patrick Tales | 01

I decided to take advantage of WeVideo (eeekkk! my new favorite app that my video production kiddos use and LOVE! side note, read about what they've done with it here) on my phone and compile the excessive amount of Patrick videos I have into one...cause that's easier to share than a bazillion individual videos, right?!!

I am terrible at posting Patrick videos (other than on Instagram) anywhere, so I'm trying to get better with that.

These videos all crack me up (duh, I'm biased.  He is my kid.  Anything he does makes it seem like rainbows shine out of his booty), and really show how much, to my dismay, that he is growing up and out of a baby and into a little boy.  Tear.  Thankfully in about 4.5 months my baby fever will once again be satisfied and I can stop dreading Patrick growing up and enjoying it instead.

Anyways, enjoy this little Patrick Tales video.  I sure did.

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