Taking Stock

So it's been a hot minute since my last taking stock post, so I saw my good friend Tiff posted one yesterday and I figured I'd go ahead and be the good little copy cat that I am and do my own.  So, here it goes.

Making: my strategic cyber-Monday Christmas shopping list to get ALL of our Christmas shopping done...online...without going into a store.  I'm pumped.

Cooking: {about to cook} mashed potatoes (my mom's ah-mazing recipe) and blueberry muffins to take to our Thanksgiving lunch/dinner tomorrow at Mike's parents.

Drinking: Nothing at the moment, but I did just finish a glass of 2% milk (with ice) to go along with the donuts Mike brought me this morning for the second day in a row #keeper

Reading: This AMAZING article that pretty much sums up my exact feelings on all of this Michael Brown Darren Wilson Ferguson hoop-la that's been happening the past several months.

Wanting: The Apple Watch that is suppose to come out in early 2015.  I want so bad.  SO bad.

Looking: At the special news coverage on the events in STL and Ferguson last night.  I want to tear myself away from this so much, but I just can't.  I guess we're too connected involved for me to tune it out, despite really wanting to.

Playing: With Patrick.  Well, kind of.  He's going back and forth between watching his favorite "Finding Nemo" on his iPad and playing with his fake food and shopping cart.

Wishing: All of this Ferguson mess would end SOON.  I miss my husband.  I hate going to bed alone and having him work 12+ hours a day with seemingly no days off or end in sight.  Patrick and I miss him immensely.

Enjoying: The view of our front yard.  HELLOOOOOOO blow ups!  They are so tacky yet so awesome.  That's 9 total, and, in the words of Ariel, "I want moreeeeeeeeee!"

Loving: My extended Thanksgiving break and that I don't have to work until Monday.  Soaking in all the one-on-one time I can get with my little man, and enjoying the {limited, but hey, I'll take it} time we have with Mike when he's not working.  I hope it goes by slowwwwww.

Pondering: Just how big I am going to get this go'round.  I feel like I look full term already at almost 21 weeks!  Haha!  Bring it on.  I'm ready.

Considering: Typing up a blog post all about my thoughts and feelings on this Ferguson stuff.  But I haven't decided yay or nay yet...there's goods and bads to putting what I'm thinking out there for the public eye.

Watching: The Darren Wilson Interview from last night on ABC.  I support law enforcement, and I fully support Darren Wilson.

Needing: {selfishly} my hubby home for the holidays.  This is hands-down the hardest part of being an LEO family: when everyone else is off and celebrating family time, your LEO is probably working.

Wearing: Maternity yoga pants (OMG, best things EVER! I wear them EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.) and a maternity tank top.  I really need to get dressed to take Patrick to my mom's and Scoots to the vet, yet, I'm sitting here typing the blog post instead. #priorities

Following: A few blogs that I need to get caught up on, particularly Callie's over at Through Clouded Glass.

Noticing: That my house really REALLY needs a good deeping cleaning.  Like whoa.  Cue zero motivation from the one typing this post.

 Pretty good!  I swear the Juice Plus I've been taking since the beginning of this pregnancy has made all the difference in the world.  I definitely recommend it! 

Admiring: This boy sitting next to me watching his (current) favorite movie.  Love him.

Sorting: {needing to} the clean diapers that were just washed.  They need to be stuffed and put away...I'm stalling, because Patrick becomes overly helpful in this area and tends to be more of a hinderance than help.  Bless him.

Buying: Not yet, but there are a'many Christmas gifts in my Amazon cart waiting for me to check them out on cyber Monday.  Not sure if there'll be any good deals on them or now, but we already have Amazon Prime so waiting a few extra days to order to potentially save some dinero isn't hurting.

Getting: Really REALLY excited about our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow.  I cannot wait to throw down some turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole, and so much more!  And get to catch up with family that we haven't seen in a while because they live out of town.  I cannot wait.

Bookmarking: Shelving a'la this that my brother Charlie is going to make for us for Patrick's new Cardinals room he's getting this spring.  I cannot wait to have a custom shelf/dresser/thingy made exactly how I want it.

Disliking: All of this anti-police stuff I've seen on my Facebook news feed.  Let's just say a few people have been unfriended.  I respect people having different opinions from mine, I also respect that I don't have to be friends with them.

Feeling: A lot of love in my heart these days.  Given the circumstances of what's happening in STL, I"m trying to find the positive in the little things, like being able to watch the hubs snooze with the pup, or seeing Patrick's face when he sees the Christmas tree for the first time.

Snacking: Sour Patch Watermelons.  OMG.  So good. Tarjay was out of the little baggies so I found a 5lb box on Amazon for $9.  Dude.  Best purchase ever.

Coveting: {and cherishing} family time.  I hate to be a broken record, but a lot of things these past few days have really made me appreciate so much more how important family (and friends!) are.  Hug your loved ones tightly friends.

Wishing: For a good healing report and good news from Scooter's vet appointment in an hour!  I hope our little fur baby is on the mend!!!

Helping: {as soon as I hit publish} Scoots off of the bed so I can get him into the car and on the way to his vet appointment.

Hearing: Giggles from my little man because this just happened.  Dude loves him some daddy's boot time!

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