snow! part 2.

I told you.  Not ten minutes after I blogged my last post Patrick awoke from his lengthy afternoon siesta and I thought we'd hustle outside for some snow fun (and picture taking for me) before we headed to grandma and grandpa's for dinner.

Like I said, last year Patrick experienced the snow, but he just kind of sat there, and really didn't know what to think about it.  Well, now that he's fully experienced his first snow being completely mobile (and probably overly bundled up), I can safely say he absolutely loved it.  He ran ALL OVER the yard and up the little path by our house.  He wouldn't even turn around to go back home--I had to carry him (which at almost 5 months pregnant is no easy task these days), and he lovingly protested the entire way.

I think he could have stayed outside for another two hours if we'd have let him, but alas, dinner was calling so we hurriedly got him changed out of his snow gear and into regular clothes.  He did point to his coat and snow pants the rest of the night, so I'm sure he wants to go back out there as soon as he can.

Either way, I think Patrick (and Scooter, for the 4 seconds he was out there to make a yellow snow cone) thoroughly enjoyed this first snowfall of the season and is very much looking forward to the rest of the season's fluffy white stuff, when it comes down.

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