It's currently Sunday morning and I'm sitting here typing up this ol' blog post cause for some reason Patrick decided to sleep in till 9:45am--so I ran to the grocery store for some essentials and donuts--and then he's currently perfectly content in his high chair chowing down on his donuts, berries, and nanners for breakfast while watching 19 Kids and Counting! reruns on the TV.  So I'm taking advantage of this unusual quiet time to write up a post about what's been happening lately.

I've been very busy lately with photoshoots--I actually have one later today.  The weekends of nice fall weather and colors are winding down, and I'm afraid this one might be one of the last with these type of conditions.  Here's a pic I snapped at Tower Grove Park last weekend before my gorgeous was it out?!!

Recently I decided to put a pillow in Patrick's crib--one step closer to eventually moving him into a big boy bed (tentative date on that is when #2 comes this spring...but stay tuned, cause ain't no way we're moving him if he's not ready for it!).  The first few days I don't think he knew what to do with it, but eventually he has gotten the hang of it and is actually sleeping with his noggin on the pillow!  WIN.

Mike and I recently went on a lovely date (yeah, this NEVER happens! haha!) to Powell Symphony Hall to watch Gladiator while the STL Symphony played the score live with the movie playing.  It was awesome--I would totally go to future movie/symphony showings there!

My lovely mother text me a few weeks ago and said, "Would you want some cute mouse pajamas for Patrick?" and, knowing I can't pass up cute little rodents on outfits, I told her sure.  Well, low and behold, these jammies were actually pink mouse GIRL jammies!  But I'm not one to let jammies (or any outfit, for that matter) go to waste, so we wear them, much to Mike's despise.  Whatever.  He looks adorable, and now we have a tiny inkling as to what #2 may look like if it's a girl :)

Christmas is rapidly approaching and the one thing I do NOT want for Patrick is any more toys.  Holy toledo, this boy has more toys than he'll ever need!  So when family asks what he wants, I tell them something practical, and not toy related (i.e. art/color supplies, something he can use, etc...)--so hopefully he doesn't get bombarded by a bunch of toys that he really doesn't need.  We, however, are going to get him one big gift--a rollercoaster!--and then a few smaller items (books, etc...) that he can open.  Again, we're really trying to avoid the toy clutter and get him things that he can actually use!  We were at Buy Buy Baby yesterday and he totally was smitten with the rollercoaster (same one we're getting him!) he saw there.  Side note: I can't wait to ride it too!

Mike has been working nights recently, and therefore his usually bahttime routine that he does with Patrick falls on me.  OF COURSE, Patrick knows dad's gone, so inevitably he decides to take a massive poop standing up in the bathtub.  TMI, but I even tried to grab and catch the poop coming out to sacrifice my hands in order to save the bath tub, but no dice: it was not the solid kinda poo that was coming out of him.  Needless to say, single mama here spent the next 30 minutes cleaning out the bathtub, bleach soaking all the toys, and keeping a curious little 1.5 year old out of the bathroom from "helping."  Oyyyyyy, we sure miss Mike when he's working nights.  I'm sure this won't ever fade, but just get worse when #2 comes along in April.

I'll leave this lately blog post with some adorable pics of Scooter and Patrick...cause I can't help but share them on el blog as well.  Have a great week friends!

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