20 weeks.

This song is coming to mind right now, a la "Whoaaaa, we're halfway there..." because, indeed, today marks the halfway point of baby #2's cookin'!  Woo hoo!  I can definitely say these 20 weeks (or really 16, since we found out) have FLOWN by.  Definitely much faster than Patrick's.

The big highlights from this week is that we had our midway point ultrasound that looks over all of baby's anatomy and skeletal structure.  Our little guy or gal is smack-dab in the middle in the 51st percentile for size and everything else (heart, bones, organs, brain, etc...) looks healthy and perfect!  This was so nice to hear and we loved seeing our little guy or gal on the ultrasound screen.  The ultrasound tech kept commenting how well he/she was posing for their pictures, and duh, of course, this kid apparently already knows what kind of snap-happy household {mom} they're coming into.

side profile

baby legs and toes!

baby feet!

creepy skull faced full frontal shot

and a comparison pic of Patrick at 20 weeks up top, and #2 down below.

So besides the ultrasound, I had a good 20 week check up with my doc, where this little guy or gal's heartbeat was a strong 167bpm!  My doc exclaimed, "It's a girl!"  Mike was like, "WHAT?!!"  And she said, "Oh my gosh, I'm just kidding.  I have no idea, they don't tell me or write it down so I don't know, I just was saying that because the old wives' tale is that if it's above 150 it's a girl!"  I laughed.  I still think it's a boy, but it sure seems like everyone else is speculating a girl!  WE WILL SEE.  The crazy "oh my gosh this is really happening" part of my appointment, aside from seeing an actual BABY on the ultrasound screen, is that I set my c-section date.  It is so crazy to think that we have an actual date that #2 will arrive (or sooner, if I decide to go into labor early!)--gahhhh!  Makes it so real!  I love it.

I am proud to report that I finally have gained a few pounds--yee haw!  So different from last time, but glad that this kiddo is growing and apparently his/her oven is also packing on a few pounds as well.  

Other than that, not much else is a'happening, other than I still can't believe I am more than (just barely!) halfway done with cookin' this second kiddo.  It definitely has gone by so much faster yet I'm really trying to enjoy, document, and savor the time I'm having with this (right now) teeny tiny little person who's constantly (lovingly, I'm sure) kicking away at me.  Until week 21, I got this.

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