Bath Time with Scoots

It was a big night 'round these parts: all of the Mooney kids, even the furriest one, got a bath!  I'm pretty sure this was the only time we've had ALL 4 OF THEM in the tub, duh, I had to have my camera out to capture it!

I think Patrick loved bath time most of all.  He could not get enough of washing Scoots...and Annie really wanted to eat Scooter's fur too so that was funny.  They did get some water out of the tub so that usually drives me batty BUT I let it slide tonight because these pics were just too good.

Before Scoots got in the kids had some time together and it had some tears involved (always!) and lots of hugs and kisses too.

Gahhhh, how I love these kiddos and our trusty pup!  We owe him so much for putting up with all he does for us!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed these snaps...and THREE posts today! I'm on a roll!  HAHA!  Have a good one friends!

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