#MooneyCandid365: January is in the Books!

I thought I'd take a second to update you all on my 365 project #MooneyCandid365 for 2018...

January is in the books! WOOT!

The collage above actually is the first 32 days of the month (so February 1st included too) cause my OCD wasn't liking that one blank square...so you're getting an all of January + 1 day of Feb update! LUCKY YOU!

I am LOOOOOOVING the candid nature of all of these snaps...and the consistent look (thank you LXCN!) of all of these 4x4 square snaps.

This year has been a good one thus far, minus my news feed on FB of complainers so thankful that January is over.  I've very much enjoyed 2018 this year and cannot WAIT to see what else it has in store for us!

Anyways, just a quickie little update for you...check out my IG feed if you want to see these little squares bigger!  Here's to one month down, 11 to go for 2018!  I'm sure it's gonna fly by just as fast as 2017 did :)

Oh and happy Friday friends!!

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