Suckers and Scooters

Okay, let's get right to it: this had me ROLLING in the car the other day...  Seriously, I was trying so hard not to bust up on the video, but it was so hilarious.  Only something Ro would do.  And, side note, we were at a stoplight so I wasn't actually driving :)

Anyways, she ended up yanking the sucker out and then screamed that it had hair on it (yuckkkkk) -- so we threw it away and I got her another one.  Still, so dang funny.

So the iPhone X has a long narrow screen and it makes it tricky to get a good pic of ALL three kids + Scooter to fit...unless I strategically take that pic when I'm snapping...which rarely happens.  So, I made a template in Photoshop and BAM!  I put my current 4 fave pics of my babies on there and now I'm a happy camper with ALL of them in view on my phone!  It's the little things people :)

This little chick is 13 whole months old today (WHATTT?!??!?!?) and I cannot believe it.  I seriously feel like this was yesterday and now here we are a full year later.  Time really does FLY by.  I cannot believe it.  Her personality is beaming through and every day it just gets better and better and more animated!  Gosh she just kills me!

It has been really nice out the past few days, so we had some play time in the driveway and Ro was LOVING it. She's finally figured out how to ride her Scooter, so it's fun watching her zoom around on the driveway on it.

She also got some time in with her other Scooter -- probably her favorite one!  And we got some shots of just Scoots too looking regal after his day at the spa (where he got his hair and nails done) as well.

Isn't he just dashing?! Pure radiance.  And I cannot believe he's gonna be 13 (I think! Maybe 14 or even 15!!) in May.  CRAZY.  I feel like I just got him!

Ro sure loves playing with her little sissy SO MUCH.  I know they're going to have some epic fights down the road, but I know they're going to be best friends through it all too.  Just melts my heart thinking about it -- cause I never had a sister, so I am living vicariously through my daughters' relationship!

Annie does not like helmets or mulch FYI.

Rosie drew some beautiful 'rainbow' artwork on the driveway...and then when it was time to go in I asked her if she wanted to twirl around and show me her new boots...welp...

THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY.  Oh, what a sassy little diva you are Ro. Don't ever lose that vivacity for life chica!

That's about all I've got for this quick little recap...I hope everyone had a great hump day!  I've got a big weekend coming up -- hopefully a birth soon to snap (mama was due on 2/25!) and a Mitz promo shoot on Saturday! BUSY BUSY! I can't wait!!  Have a good one friends!!

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