bbluv Lovin'

Okie dokie, a little Sunday afternoon PSA for you: I have two new favorite kid gear/products for you and just had to share them.

This company, bbluv, has some super duper cool stuff for babies/kids.  And it's a RANGE of stuff from snot sucker to plates to sunglasses!  We got a chance to try out the sunnies and plate/spoon set and they are AWESOME.

I wasn't planning on even doing a blog post, just a sponsored post on IG to tell my followers about them...but I figured I'd do a blog post too cause that's how much I LOVE THEM.  

First up, the sunnies...named Sölar -- these are incredible.  They feel indestructible (thanks Annie for testing that out) and can fit a 12 month old and even a big headed almost 5 year old!  They are flexible, comfortable, and just all around awesome.  I kinda want to go back and get a pink pair for the girls!

They are no match for a wild and crazy almost 5 year old.  And they stay one SO WELL too.  Great fit on their heads!

Next up: Miäm.  Now, I was a bit skeptical of this cause we have used other plates that "suction" to the table/high chair tray and aren't suppose to move BUT REALLY DO.  So I was like hmmmm, is this gonna be the same thing?!?

NOPE.  Friends: this plate is AWESOME.  It's the first plate that actually STAYS STUCK on the high chair and does not move, no matter how much Annie tries to fling it off!  (And now I need like 5 more of these cause they're AWESOME and truly don't move and this is what I want Annie to use always in her high chair so she doesn't fling her plate off anymore like a catapult!).

Anyways, I really REALLY love these two bbluv products and will definitely be recommending them (duh, point of this post!) to my friends and probably stocking up on them for gifties for people, cause that's how I roll when I find something I like: I give it to so you can enjoy it and love it for your kiddo as well!  

But seriously, if you have a kid and need a good pair of sunnies for them, get the Sölar ones!  And if you have an aggressive eater and want a high quality silicone plate that actually STAYS in place, the Miäm is for you!  If you snag any of these, give me a shout and let me know what you think of them!!

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