Saturday Morning Adventures

Ahh, what a fun little morning we had!  Mike surprised us by bringing home donuts (!!!) so that was a welcomed treat to start our weekend.

Seriously, best way to start off the weekend (or heck, any day!) is with donuts!

In honor of Mardi Gras today in STL I had to reshare this ^^^ gem.  It's from 8 years ago (hot dang!) before Mike and I were even engaged!  We had been dating almost a year at this point, and I was begging him to give me a ride home from the Mardi Gras festivities so I wouldn't have to take Metrolink.  Still one of my most favorite pics of us.  Ahhhh, life (and body! so skinny Alex!) before kids.

Anyways, after our sugar-filled breakfast, Mike bid us good night (or morning) and he headed off to bed.  The kids and I decided to run some errands while Mike slept.

First up, the carwash!

Such cheap thrills for these kids.  But they LOVED it.  And it was the perfect day to go cause it wasn't crowded so we only waited maybe 15 minutes (instead of 45+ when it's packed...which is no bueno with kids in tow!) and they all LOVED watching the cars go through the wash! Heck, maybe we should go there one day just to watch the cars??!!  My car was filthy (outside and in) so it was a MUCH NEEDED trip for us.

We then grabbed some gas and headed to the motherland.  I only had 3 things on my list (Tide, a Valentine box for Rosie, and distilled water for Mike's CPAP machine) but figured we could browse a bit too.  And, when I had told the big kids we were going there earlier this morning they both were SO EXCITED to go and Patrick asked if I could bring my camera for some "Target pics". DUH.  Twist my arm!  Of course!

Before I handed my camera off to Patrick, who was itching to snap, I snapped a few of the kiddos myself and good lord I have no clue what was going on in most of these pics.  Patrick and Ro may or may not be smooching in one pic, and Annie could not get enough of the I'm sure super clean cart buckle.  Oh well, candid childhood, right?! RIGHT!

I gave Patrick my camera and got his adorable little subject out to model and BOOM.  He got to snappin'.  And dang nabit, he got some great pics, didn't he?!? I'm pretty sure Rosie was more cooperative for pics with him than she's ever been for me.  Typical.

Gosh I love that he loves to take pictures, and love even more so how good he is at it!  He really does have an eye for it and I cannot wait to have him snap snap snap more and more!

We then got a special lunch (Happy Meals!) before heading back home.  Once we got home I showed Patrick a pic from about a year ago that Mitz posted and he immediately wanted to put his carrier on and wear his baby around!  So, naturally I grabbed my camera and had to take a follow-up pic to a year ago...complete with his same purple construction shirt!

Everyone then headed off to nap land, I got some school stuff done, photog stuff done, blog stuff (hellllllo you're reading it!) done before heading off to my photoshoot this afternoon (indoors thankfully!).

Anyways, that's all the eventfulness we have had 'round these Mooney parts today!  I hope everyone is staying warm and dry!  Have a good one friends!!!

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