Pizza & Donuts

First off, I am SO EXCITED to be one of Swanky Shank's photogs for the next year!! EEKKKKK! I am SO SO SO EXCITED because I freaking love this company and the clothes that they make for my bambinos!

With that said, this morning before school (we were running early! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!) I realized both kids had Swank on (pizza and donuts!  Their favorite!) so I decided to snap a few pics of them on the path before school.

It has been raining seemingly non-stop for the past couple days, so I took advantage of it NOT raining (yet still looking super gloomy on the path...kinda adds a nice moody touch to these pics, doesn't it??!!) and snapped a few pics of my biggest littles.

I mean, GAHHHH.  Doesn't P and R just melt your heart?!  These were TOTALLY unprompted...they just love snuggling and hugging each other so much!  Seriously, these snaps make my heart explode!  I cannot wait until Annie gets a smidgen bigger to join in on their sibling hugs.

And I did get a few snaps of Rosie and Patrick solo too...again, just doing their thing and I was there snapping them!  I'm making candid my middle name this year!

Anyways, that's a little photo dump I've got for you on this Tuesday.  Hope everyone is staying dry!

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