Glitter Rosie

Later today I am doing my cousin Abby's 30th birthday photos.  I cannot wait!  We have brainstormed a bunch of fun 'cake smash' ideas, and one of the ideas I had was blowing glitter towards the camera.  My friend Tiff did it with one of her shoots before and I wanted to play copy cat and do it myself!

Welp, I got some gold glitter, and decided to use Rosie to test it out to see if it was going to achieve the look I was wanting (and hopefully wouldn't need to do any overlays in Photoshop)...

OHH EMM GEE.  RIGHT?!?  I was so pleasantly surprised that 1. Rosie cooperated and 2. IT WORKED!  And no overlay, that is just the glitter a'flyin'! WOOT!

She really loved doing this glitter shoot -- and was shockingly super cooperative and not letting her photographer's syndrome child's house run rampant today.  Yee-to-the-haw.

Gosh she rocked the glitter.  I'm definitely keeping this as an idea for photo shoots in the future (OUTDOOR ONES!) for anyone who wants to get this look.

And I can't end this post without a few Rosie poses, can I?!! Gosh she kills me!  And her rainbow Mitz shirt is just perfect (and a great accent!) on this rainy icky chilly Saturday.

Hope you have a great one friends!

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