Some Patrick Snaps

Have you been following Patrick's snappin' adventures lately?!  He's pretty good about asking for my camera or phone to take pics!  And he always asks me to post them on his Instagram and Facebook pages with whatever little saying he has to go with them.

Lately he's been using my iPhone or big camera to take pics, and we haven't gotten his Pixltoys camera out for a bit...BUT!  That changed last night, because he wanted to use 'his' camera to snap pics! (And, side note, I have a list in my phone of all of the snaps we need to get at Disney World with the different clothes and products we love, so we'll definitely be having some Pixltoy camera photos tossed in the mix there too!)

After a unsuspecting selfie with dad...he got to snappin'!

He used our trusty live-in prop Scooter as his subject and snapppppped away!

He even chose the filter too...gosh he loves bringing Scoots' orange glow out in pics now, doesn't he?! HAHA  And that he gets his little finger in his snaps sometimes too.  WE ARE WORKING ON THAT :)

These were my favorite snaps he got -- action shots!!  His was a little more 'actiony' than mine, but still freaking adorable.

I just absolutely LOVE that he loves to take pics -- cause it's obviously my most FAVORITE thing to do, and I love that my kiddos are taking it up in their likings too.  Anyways, that's all I've got for you today!  Have a good one friends!

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