Rosie's First Haircut

My little hot mess express is almost 3...but her hair is literally that: a hot mess.  We decided it was finally time for a little haircut and shape up to tame her crazy locks.

A friend recommended a place (Sweet and Sassy) in the mall and I decided Tuesday evening would be a great time for her first haircut!  I made a reservation online for 5pm, and when I picked Rosie up I told her we were going to get her haircut and she asked for it as short as Annie's (HA!).

Mike and Annie decided to go with us too (Patrick was on a KiKi afternoon date) and we all piled in the van and headed off!

I will have to say that Rosie has matured SO MUCH in the past 6 months.  She was a rockstar at the dentist earlier this week (whereas back in August she wouldn't even let them look in her mouth!!), has killed the potty training game, and now, was SO EXCITED for a stranger to cut her hair!

Gosh isn't her hair a literal hot mess??!!  Like she stuck her finger in an electrical socket.  But she FLIPPED out at this place -- it's not just a hair salon, it's a little girl's dream!  Toys and candy and bath bombs and EVERYTHING SHE COULD EVER WANT.

SEE?!! She wanted it all!! HAHA!  But we kept telling her she could put it on her birthday list and maybe we'll come back and she could pick out ONE thing for her birthday.  Stay tuned for if/when that happens...and how JUST ONE item goes over with her. HEHEHEHEHE.

Annie was less then enthused.  Probably cause she was sad she didn't have enough hair for a haircut! HAHA! Some day Annie girl, you'll get there too.

Anyways, besides her wanting EVERYTHING in the store, once it was haircut time, she was READY.  And could not stop smiling!

Gosh she was LOVING IT.  Just beaming!  So with her haircut she got a style and glitter hairspray and cupcake scent! This amazing stylist took like 3 minutes to do a braid that would have taken me 3 hours.  No joke.  She was amazing.

And could her cover have been any more perfect?! Sassy Diva.  She totally lives up to that name!

What a fun experience for Ro (and heck, all of us!!) -- I just love the little lady she's growing into and love experiencing all of these fun first trips with her.  Like I said earlier, she has grown so much over the past 6 months...I cannot wait to see where she goes from here! GAH!  Oh, and to see how she FLIPS OUT when we surprise them (big kids, sorry Annie...your time will come!) in 4 (!!!) weeks going to Disney World! GAH! I cannot wait!

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