Disney Bound...But They Don't Know It!

Have I talked about this yet?!? I can't remember.

BUT!  Big news!

We're going to Disney World!!  YAYYYYY!  And they have NO IDEA!!

We had been talking up Disney to Rosie FOR AGES as an incentive to potty train, and when she did before Christmas we had to make good on our promises!  HOWEVER, we haven't told the kids (sorry Annie, you're staying here...you'll get to go when you're older! Promise!) yet...it's going to be a gigantic surprise!

We are literally going to pack up and just go...and really surprise them with this trip!  They'll probably assume we're going to Florida to visit uncle Johnny and aunt Sally and Jack and Sara...which we won't deny (cause they actually are going there too (with NeeNee and KiKi) the week after we go to Disney, lucky ducks) and let them think that's where we're going.  I cannot wait to see their faces and what they do when they realize Disney is actually our destination! I am so excited!

They both watch SO MANY Disney World videos on their iPads that they really are gonna FLIP OUT when they realize they are actually getting to go there! EEKKKK!  And Patrick is just a shade under 46" so big enough to go on nearly every single ride! WOOT!!

Anyways, just sharing our Disney bound excitement...just a few more weeks then we're on our way! I cannot wait!!!

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