48 Hours Up North and Some Other Happenings

First, let me start off with this: A HUGE GIANT NOT DEAD tree fell in our backyard last week!!! GAHHHH!

Mike and I had a date night on Wednesday to go to dinner at the Muny to see Jersey Boys and no storm, no nothing -- the big tree in our backyard was apparently rotted in the middle and just FELL OVER!

By some stroke of luck, it missed our house by about a foot and hit our neighbors BUT just the top branches hit theirs so there was NO damage.  How crazy is that!??

Here's some snaps and videos from the first day or two when it fell.  Mike (and our awesome dads and neighbors!) literally have spent HOURS AND HOURS this weekend chopping it up and getting it all cleaned up!!  They are amazing!!) But I am sooooo glad it wasn't any worse!

Now to get an arborist out here to get the other trees looked at so hopefully none of them have any issues too...and if they do, DOWN THEY COME BEFORE THEY FALL!

Anyways, so Mike stayed home (we at least did get to eat dinner out together!) to deal with the tree and my mom came with me to see Jersey Boys!

Gosh what a great show it was -- so glad we were still able to go!  Bummer Mike missed it, but we have tickets to see Meet Me In St. Louis in a few weeks so he's really looking forward to that because it's his favorite show!

So I just HAD to do this ^^^ I took one of Annie's underwater swimming GoPro shots and put it next to the Nirvana album cover!  I mean, pretty spot on!! Although I think Annie's is better :)

Just a few Annie snaps (with Scoots in the background!) I took real quickly to double check that my flash batteries were good and working.  Golly that blonde little babe and those deep dimples! GAHHHH!!

The big kids had their last day of Camp Kirkwood Kids this past week and what a fun 3 weeks they've had at that camp!  They are already looking forward to next year -- but they got to do some awesome things and meet some fun people too (police! firefighters!)

We went to happy hour at great great Aunt Anita's place last week with the kiddos (and to pickup the adorable flamingo bag that Anita made Rosie!) and the kids had a blast dancing and dancing some more during the songs!  These kids just love their music and concerts!!

The big kids went to the lake for the weekend (P was suppose to come to Michigan with me but that plan got changed) so Annie and I had a little dinner and ice cream date night with my parents!  Girlfriend sure likes to chat on her phone (NO CLUE where she learned that from. HAHA!!) and eat ice cream!!!

Sooooooo, I spent the past 2 days back up in Michigan!

Just like I did back in June, I went up to Michigan to second-shoot a wedding with my friend Tiffanie.  Patrick was suppose to go but we had some changes last minute to the plans and he stayed home...and I found a flight and decided to fly instead of the 8+ hour drive solo (I get so tired! I was so scared I was going to fall asleep driving without my backseat buddy there!).

I got up bright at early at 4:30am on Friday to fly up to Chicago then to Toledo to have Tiff pick me up from the airport!

And Friday we spent just hanging out around her farm -- I got some play time in with her adorable kiddos (Elsie loved doing my makeup! haha!) and we grabbed some yummy Mexican for dinner before calling it a night (I was so pooped!).

Saturday our wedding was from 3 - 11pm, so we had the morning and early afternoon to kill...which, haha, we didn't do much!  But that was okay, I was still tired from traveling (heck I didn't even drive!) so I was okay with just lounging around.

The wedding was at this once country club/golf course and it actually was kinda a neat venue!  Lots of cool spots for pics that looked very 'farmy' and rustic, totally Tiff's style!

Tiffanie posted a couple sneak peeks on her IG page already (she's so fast!) but it was definitely a fun wedding and I think we got a ton of great pics in!!  But boy, by 11pm I WAS SO POOPED!

And then by the time I got to bed I think I got maybe 5 hours of sleep cause I had an early morning flight back to STL and an hour drive to the airport!  What a whirlwind of a weekend!

But my flight home was great and quick and I was literally back at my house by 9:30am so I had the whole day to get caught up on stuff! I purposely didn't take my laptop so I had a bunch of photog stuff and emails to get done and then duh, the usual mom stuff like grocery shopping and keeping the kiddos alive! HAHA!

While Annie napped (okay, me too...guilty, I fell asleep!) Mike went and got the big kids and then once they got home we headed to the Mooneys for IMOS dinner with everyone (minus Kathy, she was on her girls weekend!) -- so that was fun and the kiddos loved playing with their cousins and being wild and crazy!

Anyways, that was my eventful weekend and I cannot believe it's been almost a week (last Tuesday! WHATTT!!!) since I last blogged! GAH! Things have been busy friends!  But in a good way -- lots of exciting newness in the future!  I'm semi-gearing up for back to school stuff but not really too much cause I won't actually be there, which is soooooo exciting and a huge 'new' thing for me so August is really going to be a treat in that regard. 

Anyways, that's all I've got for this Sunday night!  Have a great week friends!!!!

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