New GoPro!

Welp, I can't resist a new tech toy, can I?! And I certainly can't resist sharing about it, huh?!??!  HAHA!

A week or so ago we hit up the pool and I brought my GoPro and I realized I really missed bringing that sucker out and snapping pics with it, cause it goes where my big camera cannot (or, heck, where I won't allow it to go!).  But, as this was the first time I'd used it this summer, the photo quality was lacking.  The version of GoPro I had was OLDDDD -- one of the originals I think -- and it was HUGE (cause I had an external LCD panel attached to it too) and heavy and just not my photo standards I was use to.

So today I was browsing the interwebs and noticed some amazing GoPro snaps in a photog group I'm in and I decided dang nabit, I wanted to upgrade my GoPro!  So I did just that :)

Rosie joined me to Target tonight to get the GoPro Hero 6 Black and oh my gosh I am IN LOVE already!

After we got home from dinner with my cousins, I decided to try it out!  Unfortunately the battery was DEAD so I let it charge for like 15 minutes to get a bit of juice and then decided to do a few snappies of the kiddos playing to test it out.

First off, I LOVE that it has WiFi to jump the pics/videos to my phone, but also love that it has SOOOO many more options for shooting modes and such than my old one!  And, this one is 100% waterproof by itself so you don't even need a case!  How awesome is that??!!?

I am super duper impressed with it thus far -- the video and picture quality far surpasses my old one and I am just loving the quick burst mode and such it has!!

I love the wide angle/fish eye effect it gives SO MUCH!  It's definitely a different look from my big camera snaps but a fun one nonetheless.

I think I'll have to bring it on our 4th of July festivities tomorrow and next time we go to the pool and lake (this weekend!!) to see what I can capture.  Anyways, I am LOVING my new camera SO MUCH!  I hope you all have a great 4th of July!

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