8 Weeks...take 2

I FINALLY today got to meet with my OB -- 2+ weeks since my ultrasound (thanks to a vacay for her and out of town for me) and we FINALLY got to chat about this little burrito and set a due date and all of that fun stuff!

My official due date is March 5th!  Sooooooo, a wittle later than I thought, but nonetheless this kid will still be making his/her debut at the end of February!  So even though I thought I was 8 weeks last week...nope! I get to do week 8 alllll over again!  I'm officially 8w2d today so I'll be 9 weeks on Tuesday so for #4's documentation purposes I have TWO week 8s! HAHA!

I actually got another quick little ultrasound today to confirm that all is well with this kiddo and he/she is growing so that was nice to see!  Nice little strong heartbeat for this gummy bear on the screen :) Everything else looked good and I scheduled out all of my appointments through February (WHATTT?!??!) and wow, yes, it's really real: #4 is a'happenin'!

So this week has been kinda weird.  As my sign says ^^^, the nausea has definitely come back around.  It's 110% not nearly as bad as it was with Annie or Rosie, but still, it's back.  But what's weird is it comes and goes.  Like it'll come on and I want to puke and nothing sounds good and then an hour or two later I am famished and starving and everything sounds good...then that goes away after a little while and I'm not nauseous again but nothing sounds good.  This goes on repeat alllllll day everyday.  I seriously have never felt like this before -- this rollercoaster of nausea, craving/super hungry, then mehhhhh but not nauseous, then repeat. SO WEIRD.

I have still been tired but am not sleeping well at all.  I'm up. not kidding, at least 4 times to pee in the middle of the night and am having trouble falling asleep (which I've never had!) and then falling back to sleep after I get up to pee!  My little catnap siestas in the middle of the day are like 10-15 minutes now because again, can't fall asleep (but I'm tired!).  It is seriously SO WEIRD.  I use to look forward to going to bed but lately I've been dreading it cause I know it won't be a restful night of sleep.  Ahhh, the joys each new pregnancy brings!

Welp friends, that's about all I've got for week 8, take 2!  Despite thinking today was really week 9 but I've gotta wait till Tuesday, all is well.  Savoring and enjoying every day (and bonus day!) with this little guy/gal and excited to see what the weeks ahead hold!!!

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