Annie is Walking!!

So this is crazy....almost identically at 17 months and a few days I posted THIS about Rosie walking...and here I am, echoing almost the exact same thing with Annie girl a few days after she turned 17 months old!  Life is funny like that, isn't it?!?!?

I know I've posted a bit about this the past few posts, saying she was taking steps and what not, but Annie girl is OFFICIALLY WALKING.

Now she usually starts off walking and toodles along and whenever she falls, like in the video, she resorts to crawling...but SHE IS WALKING.  A LOT.  And taking A TON of steps together and I swear gets steadier and steadier and better and better each and every time she walks!

So that's really it!  A short and sweet little ANNIE IS FINALLY WALKING post for your Tuesday!  Ha!  Hope you have a great one friends!

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