Uppy Dates

Golly when I go SO LONG in between blog posts (that aren't fun little announcements or updates) I end up with a massive amount of stuff to catch up on and a gigantic photo dump! SORRY!  Not really.  Maybe :)

I mean, I guess I could just 'skip it' but thanks to my OCD and wanting this nifty little digital photo album/baby book for my kids to hopefully maybe one day look back on, I am here with lots of pictures and videos and uppy dates for you!  Aren't you thrilled??!?!

I'll start here...

It had been four LONNNNNNG months since I last snapped a birth (since I didn't take any in May, June, or early July due to end of school, traveling, and weddings) and last week I got my fix!  I darted off to the hospital and made it about 4 minutes before this little lady was born and it was just what my birth-happy trigger finger needed!  You can see some of the snaps and read the birth story here if you are so interested.

So the big kiddos had VBS all last week which meant I got a lot of one-on-one time with Annie girl, which I think will be the jam for this coming year too!  We did lots of riveting things like going shopping, going shopping some more, lunch with some friends, and more shopping!  I don't think she hated it :)

Let me talk about my old man Scoots for a second.

Truly I don't have much to say other than he's still livin' his best life and tryin' to steal my spot every.single.night.  I don't know how much longer we have with this 13+ year old pup but we are sure enjoying every single day with him.

So Mike has been working A LOT of overtime (usually late in the mornings which then equal sleeping in later into the evening) and that means the kiddos and I have been doing a lot of adventuring with just us!  I mean, nothing super duper exciting but we have gone grocery shopping (a few times!) and to our favorite MOD pizza and to NeeNees...so those are adventures, right?!

And I wouldn't even say it's 'by choice' overtime either -- he's been so busy with reports and the city has been soooo violently busy this summer it's like it's one thing after another and another. UGH.

We did manage to steal away with Mike on Friday to one of the hot dogs with the Kirkwood cops and it was a blast!  For some reason I didn't take many snaps but I took a billion of Rosie in different poses...naturally.  HAHA!

Gosh she cracks me up!

So it has been relatively nice the past few days and the kids BEG AND BEG to play outside (mostly with the neighbors!) as much as they can.  Naturally we give in and let them run free (cause they are then WORN OUT! come bed time!) and I obviously always seem to have my phone or camera around to snap some pics of them playing.

Golly these kiddos of mine are cute.  And why does Patrick look like he's 15??!!  Stop growing up so fast buddy!

Speaking of, Patrick got a special date with Gramps on Saturday to go see some WWII planes (and then hit up Sky Zone for some bouncin'!) and he absolutely LOVED it!

He hasn't stopped talking about it since!  I know he LOOOOVES his dates with Gramps and know he cannot wait for the next one.

I'll leave you with this...

Annie is IN LOVE with her lovie we've so creatively named Purple Bunny.  Girlfriend snuggles with it allllll of the time and seemingly is her bestie whenever she goes to sleep.  Fortunately she can sleep without him because as I sit here writing this she is having a sleepover and grandmas and I totally forgot to pack it.  Oops!

Anyways, that's all I've got for now!  Well, not really -- I have a separate post coming (too many photos to add to this one!) about some fun Sunday dinner shenanigans so I'll leave that for a separate post to come.

Have a great week my friends!!

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