Funsies on the 4th

Oh what a fun 4th we had!  And I cannot believe it's almost 11:30pm and I.AM.STILL.UP.BLOGGING.THIS.  CRAZY.  Cause I am wicked tired but this is how devoted I am to you all and writing down all of our happenings from the 4th while they are still nice and fresh in my mind.  You are welcome.

SO!  Where to being?!?!  Welp we got up (Mike was fortunately off on Tuesday night so he could enjoy the day with us!) and it was SO SO SO hot and humid out...but we are brave souls dedicated to giving our kids a fun holiday so we got dressed and headed out to the neighborhood parade!

How patriotic are the kiddos?!?  Too darn cute!

I managed to get a quick snap with my friend Robyn before having to dart off to the hospital -- which, I won't go into detail, but today's shoot was one of the toughest parts of my job.  But, even though I missed some family and kid time on a holiday, I wouldn't change my job for the world -- this is absolutely what I have been called to do, the good and bad, and I am committed to capturing these memories for these parents until I cannot snap any longer!

But even though I missed the parade, Mike and my mom got some GREAT shots of the kids -- and they seemed to have had an absolute BLAST.

Patrick got to be the Grand Marshal and lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance!

How freaking amazing is he?!?!?!  This little man impresses me!

So after the parade Mike took the kiddos to the pool and I met him there after my shoot and it was wonderful!  SOOOO nice and refreshing cause it was so bloody hot out and the kids were so good and had a blast.  Annie was addicted to the water slide again and the big kids loved torturing uncle Brian.

We then came home for lunch and naps before we then headed to the Mooneys for dinner and then to go up to Kirkwood Park for the fireworks!

I managed to sneak in a few snaps before we headed out -- and a family snap too where 4/5 of us were looking so yay for that right?!

How much have these babes of mine grown in a year?!??! TOO FAST THEY ARE GROWING!!

I did bring my new GoPro too and got a few snappies of the kiddos on our walk up to the park.

So we got to the park 2+ hours before the fireworks start...which you almost need to do to get a good spot!  Even though it was SOOOO hot, the kids were actually REALLY REALLY good.

The big kids LOVED dancing to the music and Annie LOVED doing her new thing: WALKING EVERYWHERE!

Oh, and Rosie showed off her skills of saying the Pledge too.  Way to go KiKi for hammering this into the kiddos!!

FINALLY it was about 9:20pm and the fireworks were going to start!  We were so ready (and so hot. and so tired!!) but we were all excited to see the show!

The kiddos were all so good for fireworks.  Annie sat on my lap for the first 5 minutes then wanted to just walk around and look!  I still am in shock with her walking -- because it seriously has just CLICKED for her in the past few days just like it did for Rosie when she was 17 months old!  SO SO SO funny it has been so identical with them!

Anyways, the fireworks were over about 9:45pm and we then packed up our stuff and hauled it to where we parked the van because we needed to hustle home and get Mike to work!  We gave the kiddos quick baths and plopped them all in bed where they all passed out so freaking fast I think their heads barely hit their pillows!

All in all it was a great 4th of July -- definitely one for the memory books!  I posted on Facebook that each holiday with this crew gets crazier and crazier but so much more fun too!  Chaos loves company and I sure love the chaos this crew brings me!

I hope everyone had a great 4th and stayed safe!  Have a great one friends!!

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