Pools and Nuggets

We’ve had a busy few days ‘round here.  The big kids started their last week of summer structured activities/camp -- they are in VBS at their preschool from 9am - 12noon all week and thus far, two days in, are LOVING IT!

I’ve had a lot of time with Annie girl while they are in camp -- well, minus today!  I had this newborn shoot in the morning and this one in the evening -- it’s back to busy snappin’ time for Alex here!

Now, I have had some fun with Annie girl -- she loooooves being naked (I mean, who doesn’t?!?! haha!) and loves to run free when we change her diaper so she was off doing that while I was putting some laundry away and lookie what happened…

Naked baby alert!  But isn’t that the cutest dimply butt you ever did see?!??!  And when, at what age, does that dimply butt become not cute and cellulite-ridden instead?!??!  *Asking for a friend.

We did sneak in some Annie and mommy selfies too in front of the mirror, cause WHY NOT?!?!

Monday night when Mike got up from his nap (and the girls...and well, all of us seemed to have dozed off on Monday afternoon!) we headed out to the pool for some evening swim time!

Now the pool felt like bath water -- it was the warmest I’ve ever remembered it being!  Which, on a hot summer night, was not necessarily the best feeling but the kiddos didn’t seem to mind!

Duh, I had to bring my new GoPro again to get some snappies of the kiddos!

This one is probably my favorite -- Patrick got a little too close to the slidin’ master Annie and got popped in the face on her way down! OUCH! HAHA! He was just fine :)

Both Patrick and Rosie took the GoPro down the slide too so here are a couple videos from their perspectives…

And Patrick asked to snap a pic of me and the girls so DUH.  Happily obliged.

This afternoon the kiddos decided to have a jumping contest off of the couch onto the Nugget!  The Nugget is one of their most favorite play items (snag one here) and they seriously play with it every.single.day.  Best purchase EVER!

So, duh, I had to get my camera out to snappy-snap some pics of them playing on the Nugget too!

Tonight after my photoshoot, since it wasn’t deadly hot out, we played outside with the neighbors for a long while and oh boy did the kiddos have fun!

We seriously have the BEST neighbors EVER and I am so glad the kiddos have some kids their ages (okay, close enough!) next door to play with!

Welp, that’s about all I’ve got for this quick little Tuesday post!  I hope everyone has a great hump day and rest of your week! STAY COOL FRIENDS!

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