Sunday Dinner Snaps

Seriously.  Cousins are built-in best friends.

It was just an absolutely GORGEOUS evening in STL -- low humidity and maybe 80 degrees, so our usual Sunday dinner we ate outside and the kids ran around and played and it was just THE BEST!

I brought my big camera with me...I feel like I hadn't snapped many pics of my own kiddos (or their cousins!) lately and I thought today was a good time for it.

Seriously, how good of a 'prop' does that old playhouse make?! IT IS MY FAVORITE!

Patrick, Rosie and Lizzy wanted to get some big cousin snaps together so, duh!  I happily obliged.

I loooove these.

However, I am LOVING SO MUCH these snaps of them jumping off of the playhouse deck!  Lizzy's face cracks me up!

Gah.  Cousins are just the BEST!

Since the weather was cooperating (helllllo overcast sky!) we got confident and decided to do a big cousin picture!

DO YOU KNOW HOW ARE IT IS TO GET 7 KIDS UNDER 5 TO LOOK AT THE CAMERA!?!? HAHA!  But I love the candids and I'll never stop snapping these!

Jason went for a ride...

I don't think he hated it :)

Dinner outside was great -- Annie actually graduated to the big kids' table and shockingly she did awesome and sat there and ate the entire time!  I have a feeling we may be ditching the high chair sooner than later, much like her big sister.

Rosie in her natural state...


So Patrick grabbed my camera and wanted to snap a few pics...

And here's what he captured!

Pretty impressive, eh?!?!  My budding little photog! He did take some of 'the girls' too which was adorable.

He gets 'tired' after not long with my camera cause it is so heavy!  But golly I love what he snapped!

So Mike snuck in a few snaps of Annie and I too...

I do love when I get in front of the camera and it's not a selfie.  COUGH COUGH MIKE IF YOU'RE READING THIS TAKE NOTE.  It's okay for you to get mom in the frame without her asking :)

LOVE THESE TWO.  Annie poked Mike's eye really good in this pic.  HAHA! Worth it for this snap.

How cute is Patrick with his cousin Lily?!  Golly he just loves her so much!  Sneaking in for a kiss and just smiling so big at her!

Anyways, that's all I've got for this Sunday funday little family dinner recap!  I need to bring my big camera more to dinners and see what else I can capture :)

Happy Monday friends!  Hope you have a great week!!

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