Camp KiKi

We had a fun little Saturday down at Camp KiKi, which I think my aunt Mary affectionately named all of happenings that take place at Kate's Lake!

The big kids were down there already because they had more post 4th of July festivities to partake in, so Annie girl and I got up early to head down on Saturday morning (while Mike got a nice uninterrupted day of sleep!)

She clearly didn't want to get up.  HAHA!

Annie was so excited to see her big brother and sister (and somehow swiped an Oreo from them too at some point! haha!) and had a blast with them all morning.

I actually had this photo shoot that happened to be just around the lake from Kate's house to go snap, so the kiddos got some playtime with KiKi and NeeNee (who also came down for the day) before I got back and we headed to the pool.

Why does Ro look SO MUCH OLDER than the 3 years old she is?!??!  Gosh glimpse into the future I'm sure! haha!!

So I brought my new obsession, my GoPro, and oh boy did we have fun with it!  Patrick especially -- that boy sure loves being in front of the camera (and behind it too!!).

How funny is he?!?!

I just love the snappies we got (and talk about gorgeous day we had too -- it was maybe 80 degrees with like no humidity!) and what a fun time we had!  Annie is FEARLESS in the water, going up and down up and down and jumping in (so you better be there to catch her!!) -- this girl truly has no fear of the water (which is awesomely terrifying).

We then headed back for naps for some of us (and to edit pics from the morning for me!) and Patrick got to go boating and tubing and playing on the Lily Pad with the neighbors -- which we all joined him to watch him later that afternoon before dinner once everyone got up from their siestas.

Annie and I ate a quick dinner with the kiddos and then we bid them farewell to head back home for the evening (cause I had a meeting in the morning) and the kiddos got one more night of fun at Camp KiKi (with more fireworks and festivities) before heading back home tomorrow.

All in all it was such an awesome and amazing Saturday!  The only thing that would have made it just perfect is if Mike could have joined us.  But we know he needed his rest so he could be ready to go back at work that night.

Anyways, that's all I've got for you -- have a great rest of your weekend friends!!!

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