2018 Birth Stories Favorites from Alexandria Mooney Photography

Keeping with tradition, I'm sharing this post from my photog blog -- 2018 year favorites from Birth Stories Alexandria Mooney Photography! WOOT!  And I'm publishing this NOT on the last day of 2018 cause *knock on wood* I don't have another birth on the docket until Thursday so hoping she doesn't go early!!

I snapped 17 birth stories in 2018…and I wanted to share a glimpse into some of my favorite images from those!  Births are so incredibly personal, and I am forever and ever grateful to those parents who allow me into their birth spaces to capture their little ones’ entrance into this great big wide world.  And so so so thankful to these parents who then let me share their birth stories with the world too.  2018 was a great year for me…I cannot wait to see what amazing stories I get to capture in 2019!

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