In Front of the Tree...

Unique title, huh?!

I'm running on creativity fumes here.  Forgive me!

Anyways, today before school the kiddos asked for a picture with Donuts the Elf and he was perched on the tree so I thought ooooooh I'd get a snappy of them in front of the tree because I hadn't done that yet this year and who knows if I'd have the energy to do it again!  So forgive the so-not-like-Alex-not-matching-jammie-pictures.

Can you say photographer's children syndrome??!  LAWDIEEEEE.  I'm embracing it though cause it makes for some great pics and CANDIDS ALWAYS WIN PEOPLE.

Rosie sure enjoyed hamming-it-up solo though so yay for that.  I can't wait to see how Monday goes with Santa...I think Patrick and Rosie will be oh-so-cooperative but Annie will FREAKKKKKK.  Stay tuned.

Also!  Here's Christmas tree pics over the years (and evolution of Alex's editing style)...

Gosh they've grown.  Regret not tossing Clark Bear in there for 2018...maybe I'll do a redo with matching jammies and such for a new collage...stay tuned :)

The kids went with KiKi, Mike, Rick and Kathy to the Santa Express in Jackson, MO tonight.  I was suppose to go but bailed because I had a birth mama who is due SOON and is already off to a good start and I was paranoid she was gonna go into labor and I'd be 2+ hours away and not able to get back!  So I stayed back, had a nice dinner with my dad, got some Christmas stuff done, and this here blog post! HAHA!  Mike sent me pics all night and I think the kids had a blast.  Here's a snippet of their adventures:

Gosh doesn't that look like a blast??!?!  I know they're having so much fun!!

I did bite the bullet today and buy the new Canon mirrorless camera! I AM SO EXCITED!  The lens I got with it too is gonna be a GAME CHANGER for births (and heck, anything I shoot) and I cannot freaking wait for it to come in.  BIG HUGE AMAZING things are happening in my photog world (and heck, my career world!) and I cannot wait to share them with you soon :)

That's all I've got for tonight...have a great weekend friends!

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