Holiday Lull

Clark's Patty Cakes arrived today.  How fitting on his 2 month anniversary of his arrival.

I cannot CANNOT believe it's been 2 whole months since we met our Clark man on the outside.  Feels like yesterday and eternity all at the same time.  I truly just cannot freaking believe it.  I miss him so so SO much and have had such a rollercoaster of emotions the past week or so.  It's kind of hard to explain: I go from being really happy about the future and bidding farewell to teaching and just snapping and everything and then it hits me like a ton of bricks that I'm not 30 weeks pregnant and not having a baby in February and had to say goodbye to him in October.  And then toss missing Scooter emotions in there too.  But you know what?!  This is grief.  It comes and's like a wave.  Sometimes soft and shallow sometimes massive and deep.  But waves always crash and then the ocean is calm again until another one hits -- and you don't know if it's going to be a little or big one.  You just keep riding those waves and powering on through because you know you can get through anything if you just keep sailing.  And that's what I've been doing.  But I have had some glimpses of happiness and calm too lately, which makes me think that everything will be okay.  There was a plan for everything in this journey we're on and I just have to keep sailing to see what lies ahead.  Hopefully lots of sun and rainbows.  2019: I have great big expectations for you!

With that said, I've been working on my end of the year posts I always do.  Which Rosie ^^ accurately sums up my mood about that and allllll of the things recently.  And, side note, I want you all to know how freaking time consuming those are to do!!!!  Compiling pics and what not takes A LOT OF TIME.  So for my lovely 5 dedicated readers here: thank you for continuing to read along with me as I churn out these posts every year.  This is my kids' digital baby book and our life album and as tedious as they are to pen I am SO GLAD I have done them because they are great to look back on.

So what have we been up to in this holiday lull?!  A lot and nothing.  I've had a few photoshoots (next week gets busy with another birth AND two newborn sessions! WOOT!) but other than that we've just been doing lots of family stuff which has been awesome.

I did get a new office/workspace in the living room, which is where I'm currently sitting typing this here blog post that Patrick ^^ snapped this pic of me before he left for a short little weekend getaway with Rosie at KiKi's.  I LOVE having this space SO MUCH -- a place to write and edit and an actual desk that is not just the couch!  I mean I won't lie I'll be back on the couch too, but it's so great to have a dedicated workspace with my music (SiriusXM 60s on 6 is my fave work station!) and all of my work things :) I feel like this is such a 'big time' move on my part to being a full time work from home mom photographer!! EKKKKK!!! Just a few more days of 'technically' working at Ursuline then I am DONNNNEEEE!  I cannot freaking wait.

Yesterday was a fun day for everyone: Annie got to hang at Grandma and Papa's for the day, Patrick got to go to Six Flags with Mike, and Ro and I had a spa/girls' date with NeeNee!!

Rosie had a blast. I HAD A BLAST! I'm pretty sure my mom had a blast!  It was a much needed girls' date and was just perfect.  We first went to Ro's fave MOD Pizza for lunch where her bestie Riley surprised her to eat with us and then we went to get her hair cut and styled.  She was going to get her ears pierced but flaked at the last minute (we'll try it again when she asks again).  Then we went to the nail place to get her fingers and toes painted (and my toes and my mom's nails) before heading home.  It was just the most perfect date and I cannot wait for Annie to get a bit older and join us on our lady date adventures!!

Patrick got a Six Flags season pass for Christmas (Mike did too) so they went out to enjoy their first visit as passholders at Holiday in The Park.  The froze.  But had a blast!  And it wasn't crowded at all so they basically walked on every ride.  They were there like 6 hours and just had so much fun!  I'm sure they'll be going a TONNNNN in the spring and summer!!

I got a retro Polaroid camera for Christmas and the kids have been obsessed with having me take pics of them with it and I kinda love the vibe it gives off...especially with the black and white film.  What's funny is I took these ^^ with my Polaroid and then took these with my big camera in the same spot!

Oh what a difference the camera and 'film' make, amiright?!?!?

We moved the old Nugget downstairs for them to play with and kept this new one (gosh I love this 'Lagoon' color) upstairs and they are OBSESSED.  Totally worth it to have two!  And the kids just LOOOOOOVE it so much too.

I mean, could they be any cuter?! #sobiased

Anyways, that's about all we've been up to lately.  Riveting, isn't it?!?!  I have my LAST photoshoot of 2018 tomorrow so I can wrap up my 'favorites from 2018' video/post from all of my photog snaps and am just so anxiously awaiting to greet 2019 and hopefully the amazing things it brings with open arms.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and New Years!

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