The Best Surprises

I've said it before and I'm going to say it again: we have the absolute BEST support network and community behind us.  Whenever we've shared things on social media, the comments and love pouring from those postings has been astounding.  And recently, with Scooter's passing, no doubt he was one loved pup (um, the news did a whole segment on him!!) outside of our family.  A day doesn't seem to go by that someone doesn't offer us some kind words online, through email or text, about the losses our family has endured the past couple of months.  And gosh, these mean SO MUCH.  SO SO SO MUCH.  They truly help us get through each and every day.

What continues to shock and surprise us is when actual things -- gifts -- show up.  These catch us so off guard because we are sooooo not expecting these nor do we feel like we 'need' to be gifted things (truly, the comments and support that way alone are more than enough!) and we are truly just floored that people go out of their way to shower us with things.

One showed up on our doorstep this morning and caused some major waterworks of tears.

It's no secret around here how much I love my OB (Dr. Jen) and the incredible support she has given me (always, really but a lot in) the past several months.  Welp, she literally left my speechless today: this arrived this morning (in like the nicest wrapping job ever too, btw. puts my wrapping skills to shame.) and she hand-stenciled this on the most gorgeous plank of wood for us.

Patrick saw it and said "Mommy let me take your pic with it" (duh okay.) and man, I am totally fighting back tears.  After Scoots' passing yesterday I was feeling sooooo down this morning and this instantly lifted my spirits.  The fact that this incredible woman thought to make this for me -- her patient -- just really leaves me at a loss for words.  Gosh I love her so much and I don't know if she'll ever know just how much this means to me...but it's freaking amazing.  And I am sooooo grateful for it, the meaning behind it (my goodness if that is not so true!), and that she made it for me.  A million thanks and hugs to her!

And with that, just after lunch Patrick said there was someone at the door and THIS showed up!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!  A Scooter ornament! Treats and CLARK BARS!!  More happy tears were shed by me.  Our wonderful friends at Sweet Be's (which, side note, if you're local in STL YOU MUST HIT THEM UP it is our faveeeee small business and is owned and run by our most favorite people EVER. Go. Right now.  You won't regret it.  It's a store full of happiness: toys and candies and gifties and SO MUCH AWESOMENESS.) sent over this goodie bag for us and my goodness, they are just the freaking best.  We love them so much (the kids especially!) and have been Scooter's biggest cheerleader over the years.  I know they're going to miss seeing him so much.

Yesterday, gosh we had barely gotten home from the vet and these gorgeous flowers were on the front porch:

Some amazing people, a couple who I met through a mom group and then lightbulb clicked that we all were local (score!) so we've gotten together a few times (and need to make that more of a regular happening, btw), dropped these gorgeous flowers off and the sweetest card with their sympathies about Scooter's passing.  My goodness, I was floored and again, cue the happy tears.  They are just the best group of women and I totally would be lost without them and their support.

Really I just cannot believe the outpouring of love and support we've gotten, but also these amazing surprises that have shown up too.  Again, NOT NEEDED (just words go SO FAR for us!) but boy when they do surprise us and show up they make our hearts flutter and soar so big.  So thank you all...thank you for the love, support, and surprise gifties that do come across our door...we love them so much and love you all more than we could ever say.  You all are definitely a bright spot in this dark time for us...and I KNOW, I JUST KNOW IT, that 2019 is going to be so much better for this Mooney fam.  Little things like this, and other little signs (or actual signs, like we got today!!) are telling me that there are great big awesomely good things ahead...I just need to keep truckin'.

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