2018's Candid 365 Project

WOW.  Another year long project is in the books!  I cannot believe this has been my THIRD year doing this!

2017 was matte...

2016 was black and white...

...and just wrapped up 2018's which was a 4x4 candid pic a day!  I JUST LOVE how this year turned out!  I've already ordered my custom Chatbook for 2018 and cannot wait to get it in the mail soon!

#mooneycandid365 has been a great one and a really awesome snippet of what this year held for our family.  I just love looking back at these pics and all that we experienced as a family...the good and sometimes the not so goods.

Here's 2018...all 365 4x4 squares for the year! GAHHHH!  I cannot believe I've wrapped up another year with this!

And now, in video form!  Because just a giant collage isn't enough for you...haha!  And two formats: one for ADD (and IG posting) 1 minute length, and another extended cut version.

quickie 1 minute version

full version

Lastly, if you CLICK HERE you can view all 365 pics from this year too...nice and handy dandy dated for you.

2018, you were alright.  But I'm not sad to see you go and welcome 2019 with wide open arms and see all that it has in store for us!  I have big hopes and dreams for what it's going to hold for this fam :)  Have a great one friends!

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