I posted ^^^ this on social media this morning with the caption, "In the past 48 hours I’ve snapped 5 family sessions, 1 cake smash and 2 incredible birth stories. I’m a little exhausted 🤪 but my goodness I love love LOVE my job SO FREAKING MUCH! 😍📸"

WHAT A WHIRLWIND OF A WEEKEND!  But it was awesome...and exactly what I needed.  I finally broke my c-section streak and got a natural birth (woot!) because my last like 6 births have all ended in c-sections! Apparently I'm terrible luck.  I just love capturing these moments...especially those never able to repeat moments like with a birth...sooooo much and it's been really REALLY good for my soul.  Especially during this time right now where I want to do nothing more than hit fast-forward through the holidays and get to 2019 as fast as I can.

A friend dropped off the most perfect ornament for our tree and these cards (and some sweet swag, as P and R are modeling below) arrived late last week and it made my jaw drop, goosebumps rise and tears stream.  ALL OF THOSE CARDS -- 65 of them -- are thanks to you all who donated/sponsored a cape in Clark's honor.  I'm just in awe of all of the lives he's touched and continues to from above.

I mean how cute are they in their new TinySuperheroes hats?!??! And the unsolicited hand holding just slaysssss me!  Gosh they are so cute and total besties.

Friday night Patrick got a special basketball game date with Gramps so Mike and I took the girls to the pool!  They clearly were really excited to go.  And how cute is Annie's suit?!?!

Annie and her mullet in pigtails might just be my new favorite thing.  Gosh I LOVE IT SO SO SO MUCH.

And their girls only bath time is just adorable as well.  I am SO BIASED though.

Patrick.  Oh this kid.  He is looking about a million years older every single day (AND I HATE THAT!!!) but I am also loving the little man he is developing into.  Gosh I just love him...and his technology obsession (no clue where he got that from! haha!)  I also love his deep love for his dog brother Scoots...who has been definitely showing his old age more and more everyday.  So I'll take these Scooter snuggles as much as the kids want to give them to him!

Welp friends, that's about all I've got for this all over the place rambling whirlwind of a weekend post.  I cannot believe Christmas Eve is a week away...gahhhh! Best get wrapping those presents!  I hope everyone has a great week...it's my last official one at Ursuline! WOOOOT! Full time photog is SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT!

I'll leave you with these pics of bag lady Annie and Ro loving on Scoots.  Have a good one!

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