The Basement is BACKKKKK!!!

Okay, I will do a formal post SOON (maybe.  hopefully.) with the renovation pics of the new bedroom and bathroom in our basement (and not right now cause they're not 'officially' done and decorated!  So once I get them all in order I'll do it.  Promise.  Maybe. haha)!

It's been EIGHT LONG MONTHS with the basement as anything but a storage space.  The kids didn't have a playroom alllllll summer and fall and once it started to get chilly I was desperate to get them somewhere else warm to play!  I am so so so happy that it is back in business especially that it is so cold out lately!

The roller coaster and ball pit have been a HUGE hit thus far, clearly.  I don't think Annie even remembers we had a basement as she was like 13 months old the last time she was down there.  But she is sure loving having a play space back again!!

Yesterday I had a birth that I was there for nearly 12 hours!!  You can read about it here...but hot dang, what an amazing first birth back after having Clark.  It truly is healing for me to snap these for is my passion and I know Clark was smiling down on his mama as she was capturing another little one coming into the world.

I will say, I freaking LOVE my Willow Pump.  I pumped WHILE I WAS TAKING PICTURES yesterday (two times!) during my 12 hours there and it was AWESOMEEEEE.  So big huge recommendation to them (I need to do a whole separate post about that pump!!) on the awesome portability which is that pump!

Speaking of, I just sent off another 500oz of milk today to and am sooooooo happy I am able to do this for families in honor of our little Clark.  Again, I hope he's smiling down on us big time!

We went to Fuddruckers for the first time in like forever last night and the kids FREAKED cause Santa walked in!!  How funny and awesome is that?!??!?  Patrick was clearly the most thrilled about it...can't wait to see how they react when we go see him next Monday! EEKKK!!

Completely random but hot dang Annie has the BEST GIGGLE EVERRRR.  Seriously, I could listen to her cute little voice all day long!  I just loooooove hearing it...I hope it never goes away!

So we had a dusting -- seriously LIGHT DUSTING -- of snow today and you'd have thought everyone (well, my kids at least) went nuts over it!

Gosh she's so funny.  And my mom taught her how to put on her coat too which is the cutest damn thing I ever did see!

So impressive, right?!?!

Rosie got a new dress so duh! We had to do some pics with it (from my fave etsy shop) and Patrick wore his amazing new "You Serious Clark?" shirt to school so we had to get some pics of him in his matching hat too.

Lastly, I'll leave you with some pics and a video of of Annie and Scoots.  This old man loves sitting on the donut on top of the couch and clearly Annie loves that he's up there too -- eye level for kisses.

Have a great rest of your week friends :)

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