Christmas Jammies

After a 65 degree day and some photoshootin' this morning, tonight we got to bust out our new Christmas jammies...ones that I had been eyeballin' since the summer when we decided on Clark for our boy's name, and I bookmarked a few different jammies I liked cause I'd be back in 2019 to buy them for our family of 6 IF #4 was a boy.

Welp, after we found out Clark was indeed a boy and that he wouldn't be joining us for Christmas this year (well he would, just not physically), I decided to go ahead and order these jammies for us for Christmas 2018.

They even had a dog shirt for Scoots!  I just love these so much.  I mean, I LOVE Clark's name and who he was named after, but Christmas Vacation is like my favorite Christmas movie...I love Chevy Chase and Clark Griswold, so these just seemed like a no-brainer to get!  And I really love them...really really freaking love them.  Not gonna lie we'll probably wear them year round.

Mike wore Patrick's new hat and it was just PERFECT for our jammies!  HAHA!  I am still dying over ^^^ this pic.

Anyways, we had a big night planned -- and truly, our first big family night out (that wasn't just going to my parents' or Mike's parents' houses) in a LONG time...definitely since Clark was born, and we needed it.  I am proud of myself for not bailing...because tonight was the first night in a LONG TIME that I actually was not hating the idea of doing something with friends.  Gosh I love these gals so much.

I appreciate their friendship SO freaking much and just could hug them over and over with the support they've given us this past month...and heck, ALWAYS give us.  Definitely my ACKA crew!!  Also, Ann's husband Drew actually photobombed the pic...

HAHAHAHA! Maybe I should have not photoshopped him out of it?!?! HEHE

Anyways, the kiddos had a FREAKING BLAST at the pajama party.  We made pizzas, decorated cookies, had a little gift exchange ($1 gifts with the kiddos), had hot chocolate, and the kids ran around like insane sugared-up banshees while the adults got a smidgen of chit chat time in.

I actually brought my camera (WHATTTT!?!?) and decided to snap a few kiddo and family pics for my buddies...since I bailed on their fall photos we all had setup this fall because of Clark's early arrival and my recovery.  So some Christmas snappies were had instead!

Aren't they cute?!??!  We didn't take any family pics cause I snapped some before we left (thank you timer + remote) because I know how Annie gets in public pics (ohhhh, Santa pics are gonna be fun this year. haha!).  I did try and snap a few of my kiddos by themselves, and welp, Photographer's Children Syndrome was in fullllllll force.

Haha, typical!  Par for the course with these guys lately...I mean, really just Annie!  Patrick and Rosie seem to be super cooperative in the photo department lately, Annie is the wild card.  We go see Santa a week from Monday and I can almost guarantee it's gonna be a repeat of 2016...but with Annie being the one to freak out.  Stay tuned for that.

Anyways, a great night was had by all and a wonderful distraction from all of the emotional rollercoastering I've been on the past few days (or hell, past few months).  I hope everyone had a great December 1st :)

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