Rosie's Dance Recital

This post is a week tardy.  OOPS.

Last week was a bit consuming with Scoots and then Christmas happened and I totally forgot to blog about Rosie's dance recital!

And it was just a simple little Christmas one in her studio...her big dance performance/recital will be in June and we already ordered her costume and everything for that!

Anyways, this one was so darn cute.  I mean, Rosie did her own thing (what I love so much about her!) and it was the CUTEST THING EVER.

I was able to snap ^^^ these pics and also get a video because Patrick came with me (which, side note, he was equally as cute...he loved seeing all of the different performances (and snapping a billion pictures and videos of each of should see the camera roll on my phone with what he snapped! HAHA!) and told me afterwards it was SO MUCH FUN watching Rosie and the girls dance he wanted to come back again and again!  Seriously, best big brother ever.

Rosie had just a blast in her performance, couldn't stop smiling and waving, and just was livin' her best life.  I am so glad I brought my big camera to snap some pics of her first official dance recital and that I had Patrick there with me to help capture it!

Short and sweet little post all about our Ro's dance performance :) I'll leave you with this video gem from her Christmas concert at school.  Enjoy!!  And I'm sure you're on pins and needles waiting for her next dance recital post and pics, aren't ya?!?!

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