Gumball Machine Thrills

The kids got a gumball machine for Christmas.

And it has been a bit hit 'round these parts.  We rigged it up so you do need a penny to get a gumball (otherwise all of the gumballs would be tapped out already by this point. ha!) and Annie has been infatuated with stuffing her little mouth full of gum!  Shocking she does actually chew it and doesn't just swallow it which is quite impressive.

Anyways, Annie was messing with the gumball machine this morning so I decided to grab my camera (which was out anyways since I was about to bounce off to a photo shoot (last of 2018! woot!)) and snapppp away!

Man, she sure loves gum.  And I LOOOOVE the coloring of these pics!  I just wish there was some yellows and purples in the gumball machine (noted for next gum refill purposes!).

Annie then went and opened the windows so I moved the machine for better photo ops...and loaded her up with another penny and off she went for more gum!

Anyways, short and sweet little photo dump post for ya :) Ohhhhh, 2019!  You are SO SO SO close I can almost taste you!  We're ready for ya!!!

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