Big News, Big Changes

This comes a few months sooner than I thought I was going to be announcing something like this...but no time like the present huh to share some big news, amiright?!?!?

You may have seen my social media posts today...

First off, can we all giggle at Mike's comment?!??!  He's got jokes, yes he does.  And apparently I do too.  SURPRISE MIKEY!  Huge life change comin' at ya, ready or not! HAHAHAHAHA

I am officially going to be a one job gal come January -- that's right: I'm going solo with my photography and I could not be any more excited about it!  After ten and a half years of teaching, I am hanging up my educator coat and strapping my camera on and I am so so so freaking excited!

Not going to lie, this school year, even though it started off promising with going part time online only teaching, did not go at all as planned.  Clark's early sleeping arrival was a very big part of it.  And since he arrived 6 weeks ago, there have been a LOT of things that have pointed me to just focusing on my family and myself.  And you know what a big part of my own self and own healing is?!  Taking pictures.  It's my haven.  Whether it's births, families, or my own kiddos -- it is what I am meant to do.  And right now feels like THE RIGHT TIME to do just that.  I swear, despite my seemingly ragey anger, I had a little boy sitting on my shoulder whispering to me to 'go for it mom' and leave Ursuline and just be a photographer.  So I listened...and that's what I'm doing.  Full time photographer.  And it feels soooooo good to say that.

I will say, there were some big gigantic headache-inducing, anger-filled hiccups coupled with my employment at UA this fall after we got Clark's initial prognosis and then after he was born.  And it's been a super tough 6 weeks since he was born on A LOT of accounts and, well, sparing you the details for now (I'm sure I'll go into them eventually in a future post when everything is done and I've moved on and am just solo-photogging it as my job), it was quite hard and even painful for me to continue teaching. 

So farewell to teaching, Ursuline, multi-tasking and juggling so many hats...I'm going to slim things down and focus on two things I think I'm pretty good at: mommin' and snappin'.  I'm putting my family above anything else and then my photo-takings...and that's it.  Just two more teaching and tech trainings and PD workshops and managing the yearbook and all of that -- NOPE.  I am my own boss now (and, let's be honest, sorry Mike, boss of the household too) and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about it.

Like I said in my Facebook post...I just KNOW 2019 is going to have big amazing things in store for me (and heck, us! it's a family affair this whole gig) and I have the best little guardian angel telling me to keep going, press on, do what I love and big things are going to be in store.  I just know it.

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