Santa Time!

This may be our best year yet with Santa.

I mean, I KNEW Annie was gonna freak...but I didn't know she'd give us FOUR GEMS.

I can't pick a is better than the next! HAHA!

I think the running away one mighttttt be my fave.  It's just amazing.  AND SO HER.  HELLLLLLOOOO stranger danger!

I'm seriously cracking up over here looking at these -- gosh, exactly what I needed given how things have been going lately.  Never fails to leave a smile on my face when it comes to my children and getting their picture taken.

We did a practice picture first that went well -- I mean Annie didn't smile but whatever.  She's not screaming!

I love how the kids wanted to bring Clark Bear too.  That just melts my heart that they want their bear included in all of the sibling pics!  I just love love LOVE that so much.

I did snap a pic of them looking into the water display and I JUST LOVE how Ro has Clark Bear in her hands too.  This may be one of my favorite pics too.  And Patrick! Gosh!  He looks so grown up too!  How is my little boy almost 6?!??!

With that, duh, I had to do a 2013 - 2018 comparison snappy for you...cause I live for those, clearly :)

I cannot wait to see where 2019 takes us.  I have high hopes for that year to bring wonderful things so I'm writing it now that I can't wait to see where we end up!

We treated the kiddos to Steak n' Shake after Santa pics and oh boy, did they all go crazyyyyy over the milkshake treats we got!

Annie won -- she didn't let Mike have but one sip of his Orange Freeze! HAHAHA!

Gosh she is a hoot!  Definitely stole the show tonight...much like Ro did back in 2016! haha!

Anyways, that's all I've got for 2018 Santa soiree...hope everyone else's Santa visits were as exciting as ours!!

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