52 Weeks of Annie!

Annie turns ONE tomorrow (hold me! GAH! Fastest year ever!) but today she hit 52 weeks old...so I thought I'd throw together a little blog post for her to celebrate her first 52 weeks!  (Click here for the full album of all of her weekly snaps!)

I managed to snap a pic of her every Tuesday in a different June & January outfit... #52weeksofJandJ ... on the same ahhhhdorable quilt my wonderful aunt Kate made!  I never missed a week (shocker!) and I don't think I was ever late on a Tuesday either!  Pretty dang impressive for the third kid if I do say so myself.

I think for the next kid I won't commit to a brand cause that got hairy a few times...but maybe just stick with a different outfit each week on a fun blanket/background.

Oh Annie girl, it's been so fun watching you grow up this past year!  52 weeks have flown by in an instant!  I cannot believe you're gonna be ONE tomorrow!  My baby girl is officially gonna be a toddler! GAH!  Too fast!

Thanks for reading and watching her grow here with me...I have a blog post comin' at ya tomorrow allllll about Annie at one year old.  Stay tuned!

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