Parkin' It

Ahhhhh, that cabin fever has been REAL lately.

Heck, even this morning it was hard core a'happenin' around the Mooney abode.

The kids were playing, some half naked (woops) and the stir crazy we've been feeling the past several weeks was on full alert.  I, of course, had my camera out to snap some pics (I mean, what else do I do otherwise??!?!) and I was just capturing the kiddos doing what they do best: making memories clad in messes.

I did learn today how to get my Lightroom presets on my videos, so that was SUPER DUPER cool to be able to do!  So, duh, I had to take a few videos of the kiddos playing to experiment!

Aren't those cool??!! Yeah so I'll be taking more videos this year now that I've figured out how to keep my snaps AND videos looking consistent! WOOT!

Anyways, we were going a bit crazy inside this morning and I was like WE NEED TO GET OUT.  I looked at the weather and it said it was 47 degrees out and BOOM.  Good enough for me!

I saddled the girls up the stroller, gave Patrick Scooter's leash, and off to the park we went!

And, DUH, I brought my big camera with me too!!

Actually I first snapped an iPhone pic then was like "WAIT. I have my big camera! I'm gonna get that out!" So I did and snap snap SNAPPPPP away I went!

Was that a gigantic photo dump or what?! Sorry. NOT REALLY!  Haha! I am so glad I brought my camera and glad it was kinda gloomy out (yet plenty warm!) for some great snaps.  Plus, the kiddos had a BLAST...especially Annie on the swing! SHE LOVED IT!

We then hustled like crazy back home for quick lunches before the girls went down for siestas and I took Patrick to a birthday party for one of his classmates at Bounce U (which he LOVED by the way).

Once we got home we played outside again for a bit before Robyn called and said she was being discharged (she had a kidney transplant on Wednesday!) and wanted to see if I'd come take pics of her meeting up with Michael. DUH!  Of course!

So off I went and snapped away!  Gosh I about cried it was so awesome seeing her with him...and how incredible he is doing!  You can check out this post for some pics of them meeting back up.

Anyways, what a day!  It was such a great time and SO NEEDED to get out of the house...we may do it again tomorrow if the weather is nice again :) That's all I've got for you guys tonight...have a great one friends!!

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