Annie at 12 Months

WOW.  12 months, 1 year, 525,600 minutes GONE by in an instant.  I cannot believe it, but our sweet Annie girl is ONE YEAR OLD today!  WHAT A YEAR!

Annie turned 52 weeks old on Tuesday and now, here we are DONE with her year-long weekly snaps and #52weeksofJandJ is officially COMPLETED.  Seriously, fastest year ever!  But look at how much my little lady has grown!

For the big two I did a little 'birthday photoshoot' in their birthday outfits out front of our house...welp, with Annie I attempted to do this same thing, but dang nabit it's JANUARY and definitely didn't look as lush and springy and green as the other two's were! HAHA!  At least it was semi-warm enough for her to be in her cute little pink and white Polo dress...that I found in her closet...that I have NO CLUE where it came from.

I know, I'm biased, but golly she is adorable, isn't she??!

We actually don't go back to the doc for another week or so for her checkup...

So, as always, you're in for some mom stats until we get the officially check-up done.  Lucky you!  And your last mom stats post until I do a little recap at 15 and 18 months (if I remember. HA!)
  • Annie weighs 22 pounds and 5 ounces...nearly 3 pounds smaller than her big brother and sister at this age! HA!  She is still our little tiny turtle.
  • She wears 12-18 clothes...with some 12 month and some 18 month in there too.  Shockingly our first kid to wear age-appropriate clothes!  Her big ol' cloth booty does add a bit of fluff to her bottom, but otherwise she's in the size of her age!
  • Annie is crawling EVERYWHERE!  And lightning fast!  She is like sweet pea from Popeye...quick and fast but don't hear her moving!  
  • She has just started to stand and (sort of!) pull herself up (to her knees!) -- she'll let us stand her up and support herself now standing for a while, which is a huge improvement from a month ago when she'd scream bloody murder when we'd try to stand her up!  My guess is she'll be pulling up on her own in no time and starting to cruise along the furniture.  My guess is by 15 months she'll be walking....we'll see!
  • No more baby food (hallelujah!) -- she just eats what we're eating now! YAHOOOO!  This is wonderful and so much easier.  She is a whiz with the pouches though; she really likes applesauce and yogurt and such from them and can eat them and keep them in her mouth (aka not make a mess) no biggie.  This is amazing.  She really loves hamburgers/ground beef, cheese, blueberries, french fries, chicken, pasta, and about a billion other things I can't think of now!
  • No more bottles!  We ditched these about a month ago and haven't looked back!  She just drinks from a sippy cup or straw now and it is WONDERFUL.
  • Still rockin' that best sleeper title -- one nap, from 1-4ish usually...up at 8/9, asleep by 7/8 every.single.night.  She is like clockwork!  And so freaking amazing.  Best sleeper EVER.
  • Primarily still drinks breastmilk (from the source!  Still nurses 2-4 times a day, depending on if I'm home or not) but will drink 2% milk from a sippy cup when I'm not gone.  Trying to get her to do 2% milk from cups when I'm not there and just nurse from me until she decides she wants to stop...which I'm fine with however long she wants to go with that!
  • Vocal!  Her little voice loves making all sorts of sounds and she will repeat things!  Has said: uh-oh, mama, dada, baba, babyyyyyy, pa-pa (I think for Patrick???), and a few other things.  She loves to make sounds and 'sing', especially when we're in the car!
  • Has 7 teeth!  4 up top and 3 down below.  My guess is the other one on the bottom will be coming in soon and then her molars after that.  Definitely uses those suckers to chomp chomp chomp.
  • Still the happiest, easiest, most content kiddo EVER.  She makes having a 3rd child so easy and so much fun!  The big kids are her most favorite people and she cannot get enough of them and what they're doing!
Here's your faves (read: my faves) -- comparison pics!

And lastly, my absolute favorite: all 3 at 12 months!

Welp friends, it's been a great year of documenting and watching our Annie girl grow up!  I seriously cannot believe that she is ONE.  It literally has flown by!  But oh how we love our Annie so much and cannot imagine our family without her!  Here's to another amazing year 2 with our littlest lady!

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