Pick a Peck of Pickled Peppers

Total impromptu snappin' after school today...

Rosie was fascinated with the peppers out back for some reason, so I grabbed my camera, and snappppppped away!

She really loved picking them off of the dead vines and then throwing them "for the birds and squirrels" on the ground (ha, little does she know the only reason they are still on the vine is cause the animals hate them! TOO HOT!!).

She then discovered that throwing them AT ME was much more fun than throwing them on the ground...so naturally I encouraged it and I think I got some cool pepper flight snaps!

We even flipped the camera around for a few mommy-and-me snaps which shockingly turned out despite random snappage on my end!

I got some new presets from my fave Tribe Archipelago earlier this week and have been snapping like CRAZY and finding any excuse to grab me camera so I can play with these new presets in post production!  I have a shoot tomorrow (suppose to get up to 55! WOOT!) and then a few this weekend that I'll probably be playing with these on them too!

Anyways, that's all I've got for now friends...have a good one!!

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