Real Life.

2018 is allllll about embracing real life.  Less about those posed (read: forced!) moments and more about enjoying the here and now and capturing that one camera.  Obviously my 365 project is this theme -- a different candid pic each day -- but even with my everyday snappin' I've really REALLY been challenging myself to NOT immediately say to my kids, "Hey Patrick! Smile at me!" and instead letting them just be themselves.  Exploring, playing, having fun.

I had my camera out tonight (duh, if you saw my other 2 (here and here) posts....#blogbender) and just wanted to capture the kiddos playing...and that they did!

Patrick did ask to sit on the couch and hold naturally Rosie got up there too and asked for Annie.  So an impromptu couch pic BUT, as you can see, it was just them being themselves and no mom barking orders at them to look at me and smile (and then getting frustrated when they don't!).  I usually am always in such a sour mood after 'forcing' pics with the kids cause it never goes as planned and someone is crying and I'm frustrated I didn't get the pics I wanted and I'm happy to report that didn't happen tonight!  Smiles all around for everyone!

As nice as it is to have that pic of everyone looking and that really what life is like??!?!  I mean, maybe, for a split second, but I'm totally diggin' these snaps instead where no one is looking at me but instead at each other and smiling and giggling and playing and evening moping (uh-hm, ROSIE!).  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

So, if any clients out there are reading my blog: posed pics are okay, but candids are SO MUCH BETTER.  Having those pics where everyone is just being themselves and you are capturing real life is just infinitely better (in my totally non-biased opinion!) than the forced posed ones.

I'll leave you with a few last random snaps (hey Scoots!! -- and Annie was trying to get into the bathroom where Rosie was poopin'...ON THE POTTY! YAY GIRLFRIEND!) and bid you goodnight.  Three posts cranked out after a full day of work and I am beat!  I hope everyone has a great one...and I challenge you all to snap snap snap away but snap those real life moments...don't force them, just let them unfold and be there to experience and witness them a'happen (and if you're like me, have your camera or phone there too to capture it forever).

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