Silly Socks Day

It was silly socks day at school for the big kids today and they were cracking me up with their outfits and socks they chose!

I let them borrow a pair of my socks (cause they do have some silly socks themselves but they are all low cut and you can't see them with their shoes my extensive 'fun sock' collection to the rescue!) and they wanted their socks over their pants, so, duh, we did that!

Patrick loved how his Scooter shirt matched his Scooter socks!  They both were rockin' their Swanky Shank shirts too!  And Ro, oh, Ro...

This chick ALWAYS wants to wear her tennis shoes, but today demanded her 'hoo hoo boots' which hide most of her socks...and when I pointed this out to her she promptly bit my head I didn't even argue.  You keep doin' you Rosie girl, don't ever change.

She did pick out her entire outfit and it was freaking fabulous.  I want her style and confidence!  She is incredible.

Ro was being silly in the mirror after she brushed her teeth this morning too.  Oh, this girl  I can't handle her sometimes!!

OH!  Two other cool things...

My baby fever is on overdrive because I keep snappin' these adorable squishes and I just can't handle it!  I had this dude's Fresh 48 last night and it may be my favorite to date!  That late afternoon lighting was just AMAZING and I could have snapped his cute little self all day long!

And lastly, one of my birth snaps got entered into a contest and you can vote (once a day!) for if you want to vote (fair's titled "The Final Push" for a reason!  Baby is coming out!) for it I'd appreciate it!  You can click here to literally click, scroll down and see my photo (it's this one) and click the pink VOTE button!  That's it :)

Alright friends, that's all I've got for today!  Have a great one!!!  It's almost the weekenddddd! WOOT!!

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