Well Hello There, 2018

Ahhhh, 2018.  You're off to a good start, yes you are.

I started my new 365 project (#MooneyCandid365) today and this snap ^^^ (although in 4x4 format) was my first post and I think I set the bar high.

Candid snap indeed -- I had my camera out taking pics of the kiddos as they played this morning and Patrick came in and looked at the stained glass window and I asked him if he knew who's that was.  He said GOOSE!  And I said he was right.  And he then reached up and said "Hi Goose!!" and I clicked and melted into a puddle. GAHHHHH!!!! So so so sweet.

The sun was just shining perfectly through the window and stained glass this morning and I just know it was Goose telling us HEYYY and that she's watching out over us.  I think the kids seemed to know and feel it too.

Okay!  Onto less sappy pastures!

Since I had my camera out and was feelin' extra snappy (and the serious lack of shoots scheduled this week -- thank you 10 degree weather!) I got some great pics (so biased!!) of the kiddos just playing and having fun this morning...Scoots included.

Lots of playing, lots of coloring, and a bit of iPad watching!  This art cart center was probably my favorite gift Santa brought.  I love seeing all of the cool thing these little artists create!

So Patrick asked if he could push Annie in the shopping cart...so duh, I obliged.  And she LOVED IT!

However, Patrick got easily distracted and...

...anddddd he quickly forgot about Annie! HAHA!  These pics made me crack up!

I guess I should toss in a few New Years Eve snaps as well.  We elected to stay in this year -- Mike actually was suppose to be off but picked up an overtime shift so he was going to work 11p - 7a. 

We just had a fun little party of our own in the basement!  We made an array of appetizers and dips, had Matt, Katie, and cousins Lizzy, Joey, and Jason over and partied our little hearts out!

The kids played and played and played and we chatted and it was just a great (and low-key!) New Years Eve!  We let the kids celebrate and toasted at 8:30pm and then called it a night.  We totally lived it up. Haha!
Before Mike left for work he turned some boiling water into snow!

BRRRRR!  It has been SO COLD here the past couple days -- like sleeping with a heated blanket cold!  I feel for Mike who has to work out in this awfulness. UGH.  Hopefully this super cold spell ends soon and we can get back to 30s with snow and get me some some days! HAHA!

Anyways, that's about all I have for this greeting the new year post!  Oh!  Here's a funny little video of Annie from lunch today.  HAHA!  Have a great one friends and a wonderful 2018!

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